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This purpose of this site is to share hope, in the form of a new religion -- a new belief system about the old questions that religions have always tried to answer. This religion is based on the modern teachings of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Meres Geb.

Meres Geb communicates Her modern teachings as the Gods always have: by speaking to human beings. Since July 2000, Meres Geb has been speaking to Maeve Rhea, and through her, to her husband Aeyusha and others.

Meres Geb has asked us to share Her teachings on the World Wide Web. The core of Her teaching is that people matter, and this is the real basis for hope. In Her words:

Hope is that you matter.

Listen With the Soles of Your Feet: An Introduction to the Teachings of Meres Geb.

The Descent of Inanna Reconstructed.


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